Audubon Artists 79th Annual Exhibition

Audubon Artists 79th Annual Exhibition

On Site Exhibit at the Salmagundi Club 2021
47 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10003

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Thank you to all that have entered into the Annual Exhibition. Congratulations to all the accepted Artists.  Please scroll down for the required Exhibit Label, shippers and drop off dates.  Thank you.

Salmagundi Club 2021 Exhibition Hours


Wilmer Anderson Aquamedia Elected
Diana Burchfield Aquamedia Elected
Barbara John Calvo Aquamedia Associate
Alison Cattan Aquamedia Elected
Kar-Keat Chong Aquamedia Associate
Doris Davis-Glackin Aquamedia Elected
Tsun Doung Aquamedia Associate
Randy Globus Aquamedia Elected
MaryAnn Goodwin Aquamedia Associate
Jiaohong He Aquamedia Associate
Tom Hedderich Aquamedia Elected
David Jaycox Jr. Aquamedia Elected
Aki Kano Aquamedia Associate
Mona Kirk Aquamedia Elected
Weimin Li Aquamedia Associate
Pei-Dau Liu Aquamedia Associate
Calvin Lynch Aquamedia Elected
Kristie Madsen Aquamedia Elected
Marie-Paule Martin Aquamedia Elected
Randy Mayer Aquamedia Elected
Marie Natale Aquamedia Elected
Ann Pember Aquamedia Elected
Joanne Pisapia Aquamedia Elected
Ellen Ricci Aquamedia Elected
Arlene Robbins Aquamedia Associate
Michael Scherfen Aquamedia Elected
MaryLou Shipman Aquamedia Associate
Robert Stetz Aquamedia Associate
Sharon Way-Howard Aquamedia Elected
Frank Webb Aquamedia Elected
Madison Woods Aquamedia Associate
Carolyn Antonucci-Almedia Collage/MM Elected
Jeffrey Berman Collage/MM Elected
Lucrezia Bieler Collage/MM Associate
Donna Corvi Collage/MM Associate
Vicky Culver Collage/MM Elected
Myrna DeJesus Collage/MM Elected
James DePietro Collage/MM Elected
Gina Dunlap Collage/MM Associate
Carol Flax Collage/MM Elected
Margo Fletcher Collage/MM Associate
Julie Hopkins Collage/MM Elected
Irving Jones Collage/MM Associate
Lynne Kroll Collage/MM Elected
Louis Lambros Collage/MM Elected
Vincent Nardone Collage/MM Elected
Gail Postal Collage/MM Elected
Ellen Price Collage/MM Elected
Mary McKenna Ridge Collage/MM Associate
Denise Rolland Collage/MM Elected
Christina Sanes Collage/MM Elected
Selma Stern Collage/MM Elected
Joseph Villa Collage/MM Elected
Tamara Woronczuk Collage/MM Associate
James Cuebas Graphics Associate
Josephine Guscott Graphics Associate
Marian Harris Graphics Elected
Arlette Malivernier Graphics Elected
Stanley Maltzman Graphics Elected
Janis Mattson Graphics Associate
Takayo Noda Graphics Elected
Masaaki Noda Graphics Honorary
Leslie Ovechka Graphics Elected
Bill Ross Graphics Elected
Ellen Singer Graphics Elected
Annamarie Trombetta Graphics Elected
Mary Webber Graphics Elected
Idaherma Williams Graphics Elected
Argie Agelarakis Oils/Acrylics Associate
Mary Austin Oils/Acrylics Associate
Del-Bourree Bach Oils/Acrylics Elected
Allie Beer Oils/Acrylics Associate
Lev Bogorov Oils/Acrylics Associate
William Brody Oils/Acrylics Elected
Eunice Bronkar Oils/Acrylics Elected
Niamh Butler Oils/Acrylics Elected
Muci Clemens Oils/Acrylics Elected
Chris Conover Oils/Acrylics Associate
Deborah Dorsey Oils/Acrylics Elected
James Harrington Oils/Acrylics Elected
Linda Hejduk Oils/Acrylics Elected
Michelle Held Oils/Acrylics Associate
Xiang Huang Oils/Acrylics Associate
Patricia Hutchinson Oils/Acrylics Elected
Sara Kaplan Oils/Acrylics Associate
William Kennon Oils/Acrylics Elected
James Kiesow Oils/Acrylics Associate
Katharine Kiss Oils/Acrylics Associate
Abby Lammers Oils/Acrylics Elected
Geoffrey Lecki Oils/Acrylics Elected
Yun Li Oils/Acrylics Associate
Hwa-Wei Ling Oils/Acrylics Elected
Johanna Lisi Oils/Acrylics Elected
Joseph Losonczi Oils/Acrylics Elected
Mary Massey Oils/Acrylics Elected
Ken McConney Oils/Acrylics Elected
Heather McLeod Oils/Acrylics Associate
Anthony Migliaccio Oils/Acrylics Elected
Karen Norby Oils/Acrylics Associate
Steven Parton Oils/Acrylics Elected
Inga Poslitur Oils/Acrylics Elected
S. Pamela Reese Oils/Acrylics Associate
Louis Riccio Oils/Acrylics Elected
Sally Ruddy Oils/Acrylics Elected
Melinda Saminski Oils/Acrylics Elected
Jenae Schwartz Oils/Acrylics Associate
Paula Shipman Oils/Acrylics Associate
Judy Stach Oils/Acrylics Elected
Barbara Stein Oils/Acrylics Associate
Aleta Steward Oils/Acrylics Elected
Cathy Strapp Oils/Acrylics Associate
Joseph Sundwall Oils/Acrylics Associate
Tatyana Teichberg Oils/Acrylics Elected
Thomas Torak Oils/Acrylics Elected
Villo Varga Oils/Acrylics Elected
Craig Watts Oils/Acrylics Elected
Victoria Zhang Oils/Acrylics Associate
Marilyn Caissy Pastels Elected
Amy Chang Pastels Elected
Jason Chang Pastels Honorary
Jose Del Riego Pastels Elected
Caroline Gates Pastels Associate
Pishuang Hsiao Pastels Associate
Chin-Hwa Huang Pastels Elected
Lynn Hwang Pastels Elected
Karene Infranco Pastels Associate
Karen Israel Pastels Elected
Deborah Lafogg Docherty Pastels Elected
Judith Leeds Pastels Elected
YuWei Lin Pastels Elected
Jenny Lin Pastels Elected
Jacqueline Meyerson Pastels Elected
Peggy Rose Pastels Elected
Marie Sheehy-Walker Pastels Elected
Susan Story Pastels Elected
Denise Vitollo Pastels Associate
Lori Weisenfeld Pastels Associate
Jane Wolf Pastels Elected
Nancy Yang Pastels Elected
Phil Yeh Pastels Elected
Douglas Aja Sculpture Elected
Serena Bates Sculpture Associate
Quin Carey Sculpture Associate
Nancylee Cidoni Sculpture Elected
Evelyn Floret Sculpture Elected
Debra Friedkin Sculpture Elected
Mikhail Gubin Sculpture Elected
Esther Lo Sculpture Associate
Gwen Marcus Sculpture Associate
Glenn Marlowe Sculpture Elected
Mary Ann Moy Sculpture Associate
Jade Palmiotti Sculpture Associate
Larry Scaturro Sculpture Elected
Selva Schenkman Sculpture Elected
Miklos Sebek Sculpture Elected
Barbara Smith Sculpture Elected
Tricia Zimic Sculpture Associate

Sculpture Artists Pedestal Rental

AUDUBON ARTISTS 2021 Exhibit Label

Onsite Exhibit: October 25th, Monday to November 5th, Friday 2021
Exhibit Entry: June 1st  to August 28th, Saturday 12 pm (midnight) 2021
Awards: $20,000 in cash, merchandise awards, and medals
Awards Juror: To be announced
Receiving Day: October 24th, Sunday from 8:30am to 1pm
Acceptance Notification Members: September 19th, Sunday via website
Awards Notification: October 26th, Tuesday via website
Reception: Due to continuing complications and limitations resulting from COVID 19, we will not be hosting a Reception for Audubon’s 2021 Annual Exhibition.
Pick Up Day:  November 6th, Saturday from 9am to 2pm

Please refer questions regarding your artwork to the appropriate Medium Director:
Aquamedia: Marie-Paule Martin:
Collage & Mixed Media Myrna De Jesus:
Oils/Acrylics: Eric Michelson:
Graphics: Masaaki Noda:
Pastels: Jenny Lin:
Sculpture: Evelyn Floret:

Art works shipped directly to the Salmagundi Club will not be accepted.
Delivery on Receiving Day must be unpacked by the artist.
Packing materials cannot be stored at the Salmagundi Club.

Safe Art SAT, Inc.
19-40 Hazen Street
East Elmhurst, NY 11370
Phone 718-392-8910
Attn: Evan Ryer

Mike DePompeo
5-00 First Street,
Fairlawn, NJ 07410
Phone 201-873-1495

Reminder: There are no refunds, please submit your entry one time only. You must allow popups from Audubon Artists Website. Be sure to name image properly before uploading. If you uploaded your image incorrectly your entry will be declined. You will have to resubmit with corrected file naming standard and submission fee to be reconsidered before the entry deadlines.

Audubon Artists Invite 2021