Audubon Artists 78th Annual Exhibit

Audubon Artists 78th Annual Exhibition Online
November 1st, 2020 through 2021

During these stressful times we need art more than ever.  So instead of the planned two month long online exhibit, we have decided to stay closely  connected with our members by extending our online 78th Annual Exhibition to run from November 1st, 2020 through 2021.

Don’t forget each member can submit two COVID Inspired Art pieces for exhibition.

Audubon Artists Online Show Navigation Guidelines

  1. Pass cursor (stylus, finger, etc.) over image to expose middle white arrow and click or tap anywhere on the image to begin the five second pausing automatic “Slide Show”…To pause, click on middle bars or return to play.
  1. Click or tap on image in direction of left or right arrow to proceed manually.
  1. Double click or tap on image to bring up “enlargement”…Click on bottom arrow to bring up symbols for “play”; “pause”; “show specs info and hide specs”; and “full screen”…….Hit play for a three second pausing automatic “Slide Show” of enlargements and to move forward or backward manually simply click or touch arrows on either edge.
  1. Click on the “x” on the upper right of image to return to all medium categories.
Persephone, Aquamedia
Alabama Cowgirl II, Aquamedia
Destination Unknown, Aquamedia
Focused Great Blue Heron, Aquamedia
Solitary Cardinal in Summer, Aquamedia
Quiet Morning, Aquamedia
Coming Home, Aquamedia
The Blacksmith, Aquamedia
Along the Tiber, Aquamedia
Age of Innocence, Aquamedia
Abandoned, Aquamedia
Galaxy, Aquamedia
Turbulence, Aquamedia
All Ashore, Aquamedia
Victorian Bouquet, Aquamedia
Broome Street Bar, Aquamedia
Twilight, Aquamedia
Rashmi Reflecting, Aquamedia
Osprey at Feeding Tree, Aquamedia
Morning Run, Aquamedia
Dark Forest, Aquamedia
Nocturnal Quest, Aquamedia
Fall Morning, Aquamedia
Three Cloves, Aquamedia
Taconic Diner, Aquamedia
Paternal Colony, Aquamedia
Between Friends, Aquamedia
Letter from the  Edge, Aquamedia
House Boat Tellicherry India, Aquamedia
Sunflowers, Aquamedia
A Walk in the Park, Aquamedia
Winter Flow, Aquamedia
Night Passage, Aquamedia
Remembrance, Aquamedia
Not There Yet, Aquamedia
Angelfish, Aquamedia
Caroline, Aquamedia
Reflections on the Day, Aquamedia
Party Papers in Purple, Aquamedia
Alison Cattan
Aquamedia 11x14 $450
Blue Mood, CollageMM
Rejuvenation, CollageMM
Nico Rose, CollageMM
Still Life with Flowers and Fruit, CollageMM
Saint Joseph Starry Crown, CollageMM
Typewriter Remix, CollageMM
When Art Meets Water, CollageMM
Crystal, CollageMM
Agonia I, CollageMM
Banyan Space 300, CollageMM
Epicenter, CollageMM
Last Performance, CollageMM
Veronica, CollageMM
Inlet with Clouds, CollageMM
Original Sin, CollageMM
Uncorked, CollageMM
Bird Man, CollageMM
Pi Wang Orchid, CollageMM 104x76 $3,500
Provincetown Marina, Graphics
The Corona Virus Colors of the Bagua Chinese, Graphics
Lost, Graphics
Suspended, Graphics
Everything Happens for a Reason, Graphics
Visitors Among the Vines, Graphics
Londons Theatreland, Graphics
Conjunction with Vanishing Point, Graphics
Whiskered and Wooly, Graphics
Pie Birds, Graphics
On the Beat, Graphics
Bluebirds and Blossoms, Graphics
Brooding, Graphics
Royal Garden, CollageMM
Lady in the Moonlight, CollageMM
Criss Crossing, Graphics
Mary Webber, Provincetown Marina, Graphics 19x27 $990
Night Song, Oils/Acrylics
Circus Drive In, Oils/Acrylics
Alone at the Lake, Oils/Acrylics
A.M. New York, Oils/Acrylics
Winter Mystery, Oils/Acrylics
New Mexico Strom, Oils/Acrylics
Standing Nude, Oils/Acrylics
Nocturne, Oils/Acrylics
What's Up, Oils/Acrylics
Adrian, Oils/Acrylics
Homegrown, Oils/Acrylics
Pavarotti and the Ghost of Lincoln, Oils/Acrylics
The Gossamer Trail, Oils/Acrylics
Urban Beauty, Oils/Acrylics
Thinking of the Past, Oils/Acrylics
Mountain Snow Squall, Oils/Acrylics
Straight Passage, Oils/Acrylics
Dwayne, Oils/Acrylics
Crab On The Metedeconk, Oils/Acrylics
Summer Stroll, Oils/Acrylics
Cypress Trees, Oils/Acrylics
Tina, Oils/Acrylics
Subconscious, Oils/Acrylics
Northern Flickers, Oils/Acrylics
Golden Fall 2, Oils/Acrylics
At 92, Oils/Acrylics
Finding Peace, Oils/Acrylics
Dreaming, Oils/Acrylics
Teen Spoonbills, Oils/Acrylics
Supply and Demand, Oils/Acrylics
Suzy's Tearoom. Oils/Acrylics
Studio with Magdalene and Niobid, Oils/Acrylics
Angel High Sea Nocturnal, Oils/Acrylics
Coyote and Crow, Oils/Acrylics
Have A Seat, Oils/Acrylics
Girl in White, Oils/Acrylics
Self-Portrait, Oils/Acrylics
Peter, Oils/Acrylics
Yi Sun Shin Falling from his Horse during Military Examination, Oils/Acrylics
Ambivalence, Oils/Acrylics
Heather, Oils/Acrylics
Stuck On You, Oils/Acrylics
My Private Corner, Oils/Acrylics
Pompano Beach Aruba Cafe, Oils/Acrylics
Road in Rockaway NJ, Oils/Acrylics
Chef Capelli d Angelo, Oils/Acrylics
Dumbo NYC. Oils/Acrylics
Barnstable Harbor, Oils/Acrylics
Birds Of Paradise, Oils/Acrylics
Remembrance, Oils/Acrylics
Fixate, Oils/Acrylics
Chocolate, Wine and Bosch, Oils/Acrylics
Autumn Migration Oils/Acrylics
Dramatic Ending, Oils/Acrylics
By The Sea, Oils/Acrylics
Tricia Zimic, Night Song, Oils/Acrylics 28x-32 $4,500
Vera, Pastels
Holiday Spirit, Pastels
Sandy Play II, Pastels
Safe Harbor Ushuaia, Paste
Rock Hill Tree in Mist, Pastels
Veneto Ponte dei Sospiri, Pastels
Quiet Pond Reflections, Pastels
Manhattan View, Pastels
Shadia with Guitar, Pastels
Sanctuary Sunrise, Pastels
Standing Waters, Pastels
Shore Energy, Pastels
Allan Street, Pastels
White Lace, Pastels
Breakers, Pastels
Freedom and Peaceful Life, Pastels
Flower of Dragon Fruit, Pastels
Emerald Stone Trough Coast, Pastels
Man of the Streets, Pastels
Bouquet en Jaune, Pastels
Summer Fruits, Pastels
Iguazu Falls, Pastels
Tenderness Kashmir , Pastels
Resilience, Pastels
Dificil Decision, Pastels
Inokashira Park, Pastels
Along Show, Pastels
With a Dog is Beautiful, Pastels
Park Corner  Pastels
Room with a View, Pastels
Roaming Charge, Pastels
The Eyes Have It, Pastels
Artists Point Grand Canyon of Yellow Stone, Pastels
Phil Yeh, Vera, Pastels 25x19 $800
Musician, Sculpture
Musician, Sculpture
Illumunata In Spring, Sculpture
Peaches, Sculpture
Peaches, Sculpture
Rashi, Sculpture
Rashi, Sculpture
Young Shi Shi Sculpture
Young Shi Shi Sculpture
Eve after Rodin, Sculpture
Eve after Rodin, Sculpture
A Girls Portrait, Sculpture
A Girls Portrait, Sculpture
Lady Madonna, Sculpture
Blossom, Sculpture
Blossom, Sculpture
The Eye of the Beholder, Sculpture
The Eye of the Beholder, Sculpture
Carpe Lepus, Sculpture
Carpe Lepus, Sculpture
The Seeker, Sculpture
The Seeker, Sculpture
Just Having Fun, Sculpture
Just Having Fun, Sculpture
School of Northern Pike, Sculpture
Warrior, Sculpture
Warrior, Sculpture
The Great Blue Heron, Sculpture
The Great Blue Heron, Sculpture
The Muse and the Sun, Sculpture
The Muse and the Sun, Sculpture
The Female Lifecycle, Sculpture
Princess III, Sculpture
Princess III, Sculpture
Cozy, Sculpture
Cubism, Sculpture
Infanta, Sculpture
Infanta, Sculpture
Miklos Sebek, Musician, Sculpture, 18x6x5, $8,500