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 NameLevel Media Website City State
Nina MartinoElected MembershipOils/AcrylicsBlue Bell
Elaine Angel GomerElected MembershipOils/AcrylicsFlorida
Sue WallAssociate MembershipOils/AcrylicsNew York
Selma SternElected MembershipCollage/MM
Aleta StewardElected MembershipOils/Acrylicsaletasteward.comHarwichMassachusetts
ZhiFang LiaoElected MembershipAquamediaBrooklynNew York
Rhoda YanowHonorary MemberBoynton Beach
Douglas WiltrautHonorary MemberWhitehall
Rhoda SherbellHonorary MemberSculptureWestbury
Miklos L. SebekHonorary MemberSculpturePassaic
Anthony PadovanoHonorary MemberSculpturePutnam Valley
Masaaki NodaHonorary MemberNYC
Eric MichelsonHonorary MemberNYC
Stanley MaltzmanHonorary MemberGraphicsFreehold
Robert KipnissHonorary MemberGraphicsArdsley on Hudson
Evelyn FloretHonorary MemberSculpturesculpturezone.comNYC
Gary ErbeHonorary MemberNutley
Michael Di CerboHonorary MemberGraphicsNew York
Jason ChangHonorary MemberWhitestone
W. Carl BurgerHonorary MemberStewartsville
Natalie BeckerHonorary MemberWestfield,
Mikhail GubinElected MembershipOils/Acrylicsgubinart.comKew GardensNew York
Gabriela DellossoElected MembershipOils/Acrylicsgabrieladellossoart.comWest New YorkNew Jersey
Kuang-Tao YangAssociate MembershipPastelsCosta MesaCalifornia
Geoffrey leckieElected MembershipOils/AcrylicsHudsonNew York
 NameLevel Media Website City State

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